Hihome devices on Dual Band networks

Many modern Wi-Fi routers can operate on the two frequency bands available for Wi-Fi, namely 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The difference in both frequency bands can be easily summarized; 2.4GHz for range, 5GHz for speed. Most Smart Home products for Wi-Fi only use the 2.4 GHz band, including Hihome products. Smart Home products use little bandwidth and the range is important, hence the choice for 2.4GHz.

You don't have to be a Wi-Fi expert to set up your Smart Home and prevent or solve problems.
To avoid pairing and usage issues, there must be one 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network for Smart Home products. The products do not work on 5GHz. So it is important to determine which frequency bands your Wi-Fi network is using.
Start by checking the router. Check the router itself or the packaging. If it says Dualband, then you know that your network can use both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. If you can't figure it out at first glance, look for the router's model number on the manufacturer's website.
Sometimes Dualband W-Fi is active and you see two networks, one at 2.4 GHz and one at 5 GHz. If these two networks have the same name (SSID), you can expect problems with Smart Home products.
See the manual of the router for how to change the network names (SSIDs). Introduce: HomeWiFi24G and HomeWiFi5G. In this way you create a separation in the two frequencies. If you now choose the 2.4 GHz network for your Smart Home, you will not experience any network problems. Keep an eye on! If you want to pair, the smartphone must also be registered on this 2.4 GHz network. It does not matter for the final effect. After all, you can also stand outside and operate the Smart Home from another WiFi or 4G network.
If you really want to go Pro, and want to keep your Dualband function for normal Wi-Fi and still don't want to have problems with Smart Home products, create an extra Guest network or VLAN. This is possible on most modern routers. See the manufacturer's manual or website for instructions. For example, you create;
WiFi network 1: SSID: HomeWiFi on dual band 2.4 / 5GHz
WiFi network 2: Guest or VLAN: SSID SmartHome on 2.4GHz
An additional advantage of the latter approach is that you have two separate networks, which also benefits the security of the network.

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